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There’s a monster on the loose. All across the Ohio River Valley women are going missing. Jacob Hunter Goodman’s childhood is filled with trauma. When he reaches adulthood, God calls on Jacob and he answers with a fervor unlike anyone before him. Jacob is compelled to make strange religious sculptures but each piece has a sinister secret. In Birth of a Monster, A.S. Coomer holds the mirror up to a sick culture of power and dominance worship and the kind of monsters it can create.

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Birth of a Monster by A. S. Coomer

In some mythologies, evil is an elemental force, a cruel deity, or an ethereal spirit; within A.S. Coomer’s Birth of a Monster, evil is a condition, a sickness roiling just below the flesh. It only takes the right combination of nature and nurture to release it, to bring it to fruition.

-Vincent Perrone

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