Flash-Fiction-Friday - FF-Baby-Ruth-Wasnt-the-Only-Fat-Person-to-go-Through-the-Floor

Flash Fiction Friday: Baby Ruth Wasn’t the Only Fat Person to go Through the Floor

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by Dustin Reade A man walks into a cemetery holding an electric blanket. The cord dangles behind him, hitching and bumping in the wet grass. He approaches a row of old stones, nods his head, and lays the blanket over the selected plots. Carefully, he lies down in the center […]

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New Bizarro Author Review #28: Grambo by Dustin Reade

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by J. W. Wargo Id Says:EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh…! What’s that, sonny? Martha’s like most any other old fuck. She likes church, shopping malls, and drives out into the country with her grandchildren. She’s kind and generous and all that other shit that makes old grannies your favorite kind of cheek-pinching person. One […]