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New Releases: Fall 2016

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More bizarro books are dropping for the Christmas season, brought to you by Atlatl Press, Strangehouse, and Bizarro Pulp Press. Click the titles to head over to the book’s Amazon page. WE DID EVERYTHING WRONG Abraham Koyfman is a widower of nine months. He works from home selling subliminal self-help […]

Flash-Fiction-Friday - FF-The-Bloody-Pustule-Beauty-Pageant

Flash Fiction Friday: The Bloody Pustule Beauty Pageant

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by Bob Freville They’re spilling out on to the rickety termite-ridden runway. Woo daddy! We can see them lumbering out now! Oh yes! Those adorable little gals! Our bright shining stars of the tomorrows that may never come! Yep, ladies and gentlemen! They’re a sight for sore, empty eye sockets […]

Flash-Fiction-Friday - FF-Booger-Sugar

Flash Fiction Friday: Booger Sugar

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by Bob Freville He always loved to sniff things, to whiff things. He always dug fresh smells. His first olfactory hallucination occurred in puberty. He got it bad after graduation. Bands of cilia saturated in what looked like rotting corpses but smelled like strips of cotton candy. Years had passed […]

Flash-Fiction-Friday - FF-Resurrection-Day-They-Have-Risen

Flash Fiction Friday: Resurrection Day: They Have Risen

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by Bob Freville Father Reemus was ascending the hill at Beaverkill, hand hidden in the crotch of his tunic, eyes fixed on little Timothy Johnson’s corduroyed ass, brown slacks that’d gone yellow at the seam from countless summer camp bed-wettings. I was down in the valley, in the bushes, shotgunning […]