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Once again the pandemic has preempted the return of Bizarro Con. However, a few intrepid Bizarros could not be held back from a November pilgrimage to McMenamins Edgefield outside Portland, Oregon. Affectionately and unofficially dubbed “Bizarro Con Jr” and “Diet Bizarro Con,” this small gathering held the Wonderland Awards Ceremony, celebrating the best bizarro fiction titles released in the undeniably landmark year of 2020.

Best Collection: Don’t F[Beep]k with the Coloureds by Andre Duza

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2021 Wonderland Award Winner in the category of Best Collection (published by Deadite Press)

“Andre Duza is one of the most exciting new voices in horror fiction. His prose hits like a fist of razor blades. Get in line early, and enjoy the hell out of the ride.” – Brian Keene, author of The Rising

When the cops were called to Harrington House Retirement Center, they had no idea of the madness that awaited them. The Coloureds were there. Creatures born from animated television who do not follow our rules of reality or morality. Hellbent on mischief and cruelty, the Coloureds have massacred those unlucky enough to encounter them. For the police now stuck in this nightmare, there may be no way out…

From one of the most creative and innovative authors in modern horror comes an insane story of technicolor terror, violence, and LSD.

This new edition features two bonus stories of bizarro horror, “Retrograde” and “Night of the Day of the Celebrated Folks.”

Andre Duza’s 2021 Wonderland Award acceptance speech.

Best Novel: The Loop by Jeremy Robert Johnson

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2021 Wonderland Award Winner in the category of Best Novel (published by Saga Press)

“Unputdownable…Fans of The Twilight Zone, The X-Files, and Stranger Things will be especially thrilled.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“A satisfyingly dark satire of, well, everything…Imagine Blake Crouch and Mira Grant re-writing Chuck Wendig’s Wanderers–fans of all three authors are part of the wide audience who will flock to this heart-pounding and deeply unsettling tale.” —Booklist

Stranger Things meets World War Z in this heart-racing conspiracy thriller as a lonely young woman teams up with a group of fellow outcasts to survive the night in a town overcome by a science experiment gone wrong.

Turner Falls is a small tourist town nestled in the hills of western Oregon, the kind of town you escape to for a vacation. When an inexplicable outbreak rapidly develops, this idyllic town becomes the epicenter of an epidemic of violence as the teenaged children of several executives from the local biotech firm become ill and aggressively murderous. Suddenly the town is on edge, and Lucy and her friends must do everything it takes just to fight through the night.

Jeremy Robert Johnson’s 2021 Wonderland Award acceptance speech.

Congratulations to the winners, runners-up, honorable mentions, all the authors and publishers from your friends at Bizarro Central. We are excited to see what art blossomed in the wake of 2021 and what 2022 will bring.

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