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A beat novel for the Instagram generation, Life of the Party will leave you with a hangover and a VIP stamp on your heart.

This dark comedy dives into the underbelly of Milanese fashion and nightlife, through the eyes of Mia, a young expat. She came to Milan to escape her problems but only found more glamorous ones…

Mia indulges in the highs and lows Milanese decadence can offer. Between fashion class and clubbing, her narcissistic boss and abusive boyfriend push her to face bleak reality. Life of the Party asks, can you lose your innocence if you were never innocent? Can you find control in chaos? And do you have a plus one for tonight’s party?

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Life of the Party by Tea Hacic-Vlahovic

“Clever debut novel of fashion and nightlife, readers are introduced to Mia, an expat newly moved to Milan. The drugs, nightclubs, and men blur together into a seemingly nonstop, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas-style fever dream as intense as it is dripping with style.”

Publishers’ Weekly

“Tea Hacic is an MDMA-fueled Oscar Wilde with fake eyelashes and this book is a Fear and Loathing for the late Berlusconi-era; a deep walk of shame that tiptoes between a bewildering Bildungsroman and a fever dream of social climbing and social embarrassment.”


Tea Hacic-Vlahovic is a Croatian-American writer and performer. Previously a columnist for Vice and Wired Italy and contributing editor of Wonderland Magazine, she writes for the Columbia Journal, Dazed, Spike Art Magazine, Autre, and more. She’s the founder of STAI ZITTA magazine and host of Troie Radicali podcast. She’s the author of LIFE OF THE PARTY and A CIGARETTE LIT BACKWARDS. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their dog. Follow her on IG & Twitter @teahacic

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