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Don’t touch that dial! TV Dinners from Hell, the debut fiction collection from Amber Fallon, includes 17 stories from the twisted mind that brought you The Terminal and The Warblers! Almost half of the stories have never before been published!

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From the introduction by celebrated author and reigning queen of weird fiction, Mary SanGiovanni: Citing early influences like J.F. Gonzalez and Brian Keene, Amber’s work is a rich and spicy dish of unflinching violence and unapologetic humanity. There is a pervasive sense in each of these stories of being alone, whether by choice or an error in judgment, and of a history of dinners for one in these characters’ pasts. There is also a frank examination of the kind of choices people used to being alone make, good or bad. Much of the work that has influenced Amber is precisely in the realm of universal conditions of aloneness and loneliness; one of the great horrors in tales of the apocalypse or after is what people do with those two conditions, or what is done to them as those conditions evolve. And much like those previous influencial works, Amber captures the inherent vulnerability of those conditions. Like both Brian’s and J.F.’s work, she infuses her writing with a kind of honesty and integrity in the face of being alone that warms the gut. Mouth watering yet? It should be.

Table of Contents: Night Music The Donor Pretty Pretty Shiny Behind the Smile 78154 The Glen Something Bit Me Tequila Sunrise Dawn of the Death Beetles The Shark that ate Everything Demolition Derby Blind Tell Me How You Die Clickers in Space Odessa The Dick Measuring Contest at the End of the Universe Ornamentation

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