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From Deep Desires Press comes this debut collection from Kitty Knish. If you’re looking for the best author of Jewish erotica, your prayers have been answered. Equal parts Kosher and raunchy, Knish invites you to come explore sex and love the oy vey way.

“Verdict: Thong of Thongs: 69 Sexy Jewish Stories by Kitty Knish is a gifted compilation of stories, thoughts, anecdotes, jokes, and even a few truly erotic moments that will warrant a good time to anyone interested in the book by cover or title alone. It has long been a crutch of mine to say that things are “unique” but there truly isn’t anything like this out there to read. It’s not often that you can find a sexy compilation in which all (ADULT) age groups will find interesting… and even satisfying. Read it for yourself, or buy it for those relatives with that strong sense of humor, and an even stronger lack of shame.” -Matthew Burroughs

Thong of Thongs caters to a wide range of fetishes coated in holy verse, lovingly lampooned in a way only Kitty Knish could. Dripping with wordplay; an orgasmic giggle in your hands. Nestled between the schmeckles and shtupping, the razor-sharp wit encases an affirming passion woven throughout the collection making it a transcendent work of art.

Visit Deep Desires Press to grab a copy from your favorite online retailer.

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