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After six years and more than fifty authors, the Unholy Trinity is complete. This third installment in the DOA series offers thirty stories from the originators of splatterpunk as well as the newest voices in extreme horror.

You’ll laugh…you’ll cry…you’ll vomit.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Bentley Little, Jack Ketchum & Edward Lee, Shane Mckenzie, Wrath James White, Richard Christian Matheson, Kristopher Triana, T.M. McLean, Sean Eads & Joshua Viola, T. Fox Dunham, John Skipp, Luciano Marano, Ryan Harding, Kristopher Rufty, Daniel I. Russell, Lloyd Kaufman & Lily Hayes Kaufman, David Sandner, Betty Rocksteady, C.M. Saunders, K. Trap Jones, Hal Bodner, Adrian Ludens, C. Cameron Rossi, Alistair Rennie, Airika Sneve, Christoph Weber, Garrett Cook, Eric J. Guignard, Jeff Strand, Jaap Boekestein, and John McNee.

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