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Vince Kramer’s latest book, released through Thicke & Vaney Books, is here!

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In this hilarious novel six heroes from six different epochs of earth’s history (and an alien tossed in to add a little alienness) battle Space ISIS for control of a beloved spaceship (and the fate of every living creature everywhere!). There are a lot of lazers, A LOT of lazers, more lazers, I would hazard, than are any other book. Even the Bible. This book can be described as nothing short of a Deadly Lazer Explodathon! There’s also a lot of sex. A LOT. Like, almost too much (if there is such a thing!). Certainly more than the Bible. Some of the sex even has lazers involved. And you haven’t really had sex until you’ve had lazer sex. Like they say, once you go lazer sex, you never go back. It’s so awesome. Once you read this book, you’ll want to own your own lazers (and you’ll want to have sex!). You’ll want to travel through time with a mysterious doctor and battle robot Hitler too, just like our heroes. When they’re not having sex. Which, as I have stated, is quite often. So, if you love lazers, Space ISIS, or robot Hitler, be sure to pick this book up. Not only pick it up, but read it also. But use a lamp, as you don’t want to go blind.

Get it here

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