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Preliminary voting has ended and the final ballot has been determined. Here are the nominations for this year’s Wonderland Book Awards:


Skullcrack City
by Jeremy Robert Johnson

Zero Saints
by Gabino Iglesias

Ritualistic Human Sacrifice
by C.V. Hunt

Animal Money
by Michael Cisco

Bio Melt
by Carlton Mellick III


The Art of Horrible People
by John Skipp

Our Love Will Go the Way of the Salmon
by Cameron Pierce

Strategies Against Nature
by Cody Goodfellow

Midnight Earwig Buffet
by Andrew Goldfarb

The Pulse Between Dimensions and the Desert
by Rios de la Luz

We’d like to give honorable mentions to the titles that came close to placing on the final ballot. These titles are: Texas Chainsaw Mantis by Kevin Strange, Cattle Cult Kill Kill by Emma Alice Johnson, Jigsaw Youth by Tiffany Scandal, A God of Hungry Walls by Garrett Cook, Clownfellas by Carlton Mellick III, Amazing Punk Stories by David Agranoff, and Rules of Appropriate Conduct by Kirsten Alene

Voting ends October 31st. Only BizarroCon attendees are eligible to vote. Send your votes (one per category) to bizarrocon@gmail.com.

The Wonderland Book Awards for excellence in Bizarro Fiction are presented annually at BizarroCon in Portland, OR.

To register for BizarroCon 2016 please visit http://bizarrocon.com/registration/

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