Halloween-Countdown - Halloween-2014-10-12-01
by Tracy Vanity
Halloween-Countdown - Halloween-2014-10-12-01

Lots of people have been sending me links to this promo video for the most extreme haunted house ever created. I’m glad that fucked up Halloween shit reminds you of me. I’m touched.

If you have not yet watched the video, watch it!

https://youtu.be/vl6CGlBVpCA (Could not be embedded)

To call it a haunted house is an understatement. McKamey Manor isn’t some $5 backyard spook show with people in cheap costumes jumping out at you while you try to see through a fog machine. Russ and Carol McKamey, the creators of this unique horror experience have chosen to go all the way, much like a real-life Serbian Film, and totally destroy people’s minds.

Halloween-Countdown - Halloween-2014-10-12-02

And you can have this truly frightening experience for a simple donation of dog food which goes to Operation Greyhound. It’s a small price to pay for going through mental, emotional, and physical trauma that will haunt you for the rest of your life.

Halloween-Countdown - Halloween-2014-10-12-03

With only 2 people allowed into the Manor at a time, and the video going viral, the competition to enter has increased but you can still try. All you need to do in order to experience hell, is be able to get your ass to San Diego and send Russ a friend request on Facebook to get on a reservation list. You will then be competing with other masochistic thrill-seekers to be invited for an exclusive experience that not even the most tough marine and physically fit human can endure.

Halloween-Countdown - Halloween-2014-10-12-04

This demented adventure isn’t just about physical endurance. Your mental endurance will be put to the test until you break. McKamey Manor is horror BDSM without a safeword.

Halloween-Countdown - Halloween-2014-10-12-05

Creepy things jumping out at you is nothing compared to having your mind fucked with to the point where you actually feel like you’re going to die.

Halloween-Countdown - Halloween-2014-10-12-06

The “experiment” as Russ has referred to his brutal creation, has gone so well that no one has been able to go through the full experience which is supposed to last over 7 hours! The “short show” is 4 1/2 hours.

Russ recently had to tone the Manor down because people were literally going insane before even completing the show. Each year he ups the ante but 2014 seems to have been a thousand tokes over the line.

https://youtu.be/NvJq6jnoeIs (Could not be embedded)

Watching this video of Russ discuss how he went too far in the last “extreme haunt,” followed by footage of a marine and adrenaline junkie rapidly losing their minds, with Russ dominating their hellish experience, is like watching a snuff film.

https://youtu.be/zdAU-HSxRp0 (Could not be embedded)

I’ve watched a lot of extreme splatter/gore/horror/exploitation movies in my day. The fact that this place is not only real, but would be fucked up even as a work of fiction, puts McKamey Manor as the clear winner of the most brutal horror experience ever invented in the history of humanity. Bloody chainsaw salute to Russ and Carol McKamey!

I will leave you with this review from a recent guest by the name of Sarah McDonald:

Halloween-Countdown - Halloween-2014-10-12-07

Wow…still not exactly sure what happened tonight. You can watch all the youtube videos in the world on Mckamey Manor and it still doesn’t compare to going there. My body is very bruised right now, I ate some things people should never ever have to eat, my mind is blown. There is nothing you can possibly do to mentally prepare yourself for this place. It is by far the craziest, most extreme, most terrifying haunted house I have ever been to in my life. To say you are living in your own “horror movie” is an understatement. You’re living every bad nightmare you have ever had and there’s no waking up and escaping it. If this is even a glimpse of what hell might be like, I am officially a woman of God starting right now. Good luck to all you crazies out there wanting to take the full tour..its extremely tough and exhausting. And to all of the people “watching” us go through..you all are some sick fucks. Thank you again Russ!

Would you visit McKamey Manor?

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