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by Tracy Vanity
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Colin Raff, aka ZBags, is a talented, surreal artist who makes the most trippy gifs you will ever see in your life.

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I messaged Colin on tumblr, asking him to say a few words about his amazing gifs and to tell me what his favorite horror movie is:

Hi Tracy. Thanks for featuring me. I like the beguiling stray cows in your hood. There are none close to me, which might be reason enough to make GIFs. I also like goats. My original favorite animal was the swan, and I assumed that because of this I must be swan-like somehow, but I realize that this is not necessarily true. In fact, if The Magical UFO That Turns You Into The Animal You Really Are did descend and bathe me in its rays, it might very well turn me into a slug, but that would be fine as long as someone put a bib on me. All slugs should wear slug bibs. I’d like mine to be made of tweed.

But it’s not just stray cows — there are many other feral farm animals that are not roaming my block, which means that I must make several things, and not just GIFs. I began as a writer and still am (hence euxinova.com, etc.), and animated films with sound (like my tags for Frederator, but much longer) have always been the goal, and in fact, I’ve finished a few already and a Vimeo channel is coming extra soon.

In closing, I’d like to state that my favorite horror film is a classic zombie comedy starring Mantan Moreland and W.C. Fields, directed by Luis Buñuel, with dream sequences animated by Ladislas Starevich. This film was never produced, nor even conceived, nor remade by Lucio Fulci, which is a shame.

Have a joyous Halloween. All best, CR— zbags That movie sounds amazing. I wonder if it’s on The Pirate Bay?

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I highly recommend following ZBags on twitter and/or tumblr for a daily doses of enchanting art and witty surrealism.

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