Halloween-Countdown - Halloween-2014-10-08-01
by Tracy Vanity
Halloween-Countdown - Halloween-2014-10-08-01

The Queen of Halloween just premiered a new music video for her purple vinyl 7″ single. “2 Big Pumpkins” is out today from Third Man Records.

She’s hotter than ever!

Halloween-Countdown - Halloween-2014-10-08-02

Elvira is performing at Knott’s Scary Farm and has a Halloween series on Hulu called “13 Nights of Elvira.”

Cassandra Peterson will be donning her Elvira garb once again to host titles that include Evil BongSeed PeopleShrunken Heads, and Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death. The fun concludes on Halloween night with the classic Night of the Living Dead.

The “13 Nights of Elvira” begins on Hulu October 19th.

No Halloween is complete without those magical pumpkins which never age. I love Elvira!

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