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by Spike Marlowe
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Today is brought to you by a hot toddy.

Over at the delightful Myth and Moor blog, amazing writer, editor, and artist Terri Windling recently discussed the issues surrounding using the Internet as a break while working.

Go on, go take a look. I’ll wait.

I definitely struggle with my Internet usage. It’s not that the Internet beckons and distracts me from my work, but that because I am a professional editor and writer, online promotions are an essential part of my work. And yeah, I enjoy the Internet, too.

It’s not been uncommon for me to get online when it’s time to take a break and see what’s up on Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr or Bizarro Central or my favorite news outlet. The thing is, when I’m done, I feel super-unsatisfied and definitely further away from the work at hand. I’ve also noticed that when I spend a lot of time online, especially on Facebook and Twitter, my attention span shortens. This is bad for someone who professionally finds having a long attention span useful.

So I decided to significantly reduce my time online. I have a few short scheduled periods of time during my days where I poke my nose in and check out what’s up on the Internet. But these times don’t happen during my writing or editing times–mixing the Internet with my creative activities just doesn’t work for me.

But I recognize that while I function like a lot of other artists do who struggle with the Internet, there might be artists out there who don’t have an issue with the Internet.

So, artists: How does the Internet impact your creative life? How do you balance the two? Or does it not impact you at all? And what do you think about Terri Windling’s blog post?

Spike Marlowe has held a number of odd jobs, including working in a wild west show, as a detective, as a Bigfoot researcher, as a writer for an Internet content farm, and as a busker. These days she’s a writer, blogger, and bizarro editor for Eraserhead Press, with a focus on the New Bizarro Author Series. Her first book, Placenta of Love, is now available at all the usual locations. You can stalk her online at her website, Facebook or on Twitter at @spikemarlowe.

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