Flash-Fiction-Friday - FF-Chocolate-Covered-Gummy-Bears
by Tiffany Scandal

I cradled our baby in my arms. I hummed sweet hymns as she slept against my breast. You walked by the doorway and smiled at me in that way that makes me blush.

We talked about horror movies. How funny they are and how nothing is really scary anymore. We smiled at each other. Our eyes communicated how happy we are. I kissed our baby’s forehead and set her down on the bed. We walked toward each other and just as I could start to feel your breath on my face, you changed. Your skin covered in grey and boils. Your purple lips snarled up and exposed yellow-stained shark teeth. You aggressively latched onto me in an embrace and together we flew up toward a ceiling that we could never quite reach. Your nails dug deep into me. I screamed. My back contorted and bones snapped into unnatural positions. Elbows touched behind my back, my head rolled back and I could see our baby crying on the bed beneath us. She looked scared. Terrified. I looked to you and your head started spinning as you screamed. I forced my arms to slowly reach for your face. Your decomposing cheeks in my hands, I looked directly into your eyes as we hovered in the air. I smiled.
“I want all of the chocolate-covered gummy bears. All of them.”

Tiffany Scandal is a writer, SuicideGirl, photographer, and crazy cat lady living in Portland, Oregon. Her fiction has been published in The Magazine of Bizarro Fiction, and her first book THERE’S NO HAPPY ENDING is part of the 2013 New Bizarro Authors Series.

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