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With his “highly visual and cinematic worldbuilding” (Booklife by Publishers Weekly), Brian Asman spins a horrifying and imaginative tale of an ordinary family and their extraordinary new house…

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Man, Fuck This House by Brian Asman

Sabrina Haskins and her family have just moved into their dream home, a gorgeous Craftsman in the rapidly-growing Southwestern city of Jackson Hill. Sabrina’s a bored and disillusioned homemaker, Hal a reverse mortgage salesman with a penchant for ill-timed sports analogies. Their two children, Damien and Michaela, are bright and precocious.

At first glance, the house is perfect. But things aren’t what they seem.

Sabrina’s hearing odd noises, seeing strange visions. Their neighbors are odd or absent. And Sabrina’s already-fraught relationship with her son is about to be tested in a way no parent could ever imagine.

Because while the Haskins family might be the newest owners of 4596 James Circle, they’re far from its only residents…

“Brian Asman’s Man, F*ck This House delivers an inventive take on one of horror’s most tried and trusted genres. It’s an off-kilter descent into madness and horror that’ll leave you clutching your family close.”

-Zachary Ashford, When the Cicadas Stop Singing

“Absolutely delivers…Asman took the standard haunted house tropes, poured some gasoline on them, and set them ablaze. Then he took the ashes, spread them around crazy town, and put it all back together to end his book. Holy wow.”

Brian Asman is a writer, editor, producer, and actor from San Diego, CA. He’s the author of I’m Not Even Supposed to Be Here Today from Eraserhead Press and Nunchuck City and Jailbroke from Mutated Media. He’s recently published short stories in the anthologies Breaking Bizarro, Welcome to the Splatter Club and Lost Films, and comics in Tales of Horrorgasm. An anthology he co-edited with Danger Slater, Boinking Bizarro, was recently released by Death’s Head Press. He holds an MFA from UCR-Palm Desert. He’s represented by Dunham Literary, Inc. Max Booth III is his hype man.

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