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Voting for the Wonderland Book Award preliminary ballot begins now for the Best Bizarro Novel and Best Bizarro Collection of 2022. Below is a list of all eligible titles released in the year 2021. Please send your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place votes in the Novel and Collection categories to bizarrocon@gmail.com with the subject line “Wonderland Book Award Preliminary Ballot.” Preliminary voting ends September 30, 2022.

NOTE TO AUTHORS AND PUBLISHERS: We have done our best to list all eligible books correctly, but let us know if you notice any errors or missing titles. Please do not solicit or campaign for votes. Appearance on this list does not indicate the book has been nominated for the award.


  • Absolute Unit by Nick Kolakowski (Crystal Lake Publishing)
  • The Cadillac Man by John Wayne Communale (Death’s Head Press)
  • The Despicable Fantasies of Quentin Sergenov by Preston Fassel (independently published)
  • The Doom that Came to Mellonville by Madison McSweeney (Filthy Loot)
  • Full Metal Octopus by Carlton Mellick III (Eraserhead Press)
  • The Flying None by Cody Goodfellow (Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing)
  • Giant Robots of Babel by Max Bauman (Aggadah Try It)
  • Girl in the Walls by Katy Michelle Quinn (Clash Books)
  • Hollow Coin by S.T. Cartledge (Filthy Loot)
  • House of Blood and Teeth by Maxwell Bauman (Nictitating Books)
  • Human-Shaped Fiends by Chandler Morrison (Death’s Head Press)
  • Hurricane Season by Kelby Losack (Broken River Books)
  • Jailbroke by Brian Asman (Mutated Media)
  • Jurassichrist by Michael Allen Rose (Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing)
  • Mage of the Hellmouth by John Wayne Communale (Grindhouse Press)
  • Man, Fuck This House by Brian Asman (Mutated Media)
  • Mayhem At the Museum by Regina Watts (Painted Blind Publishing)
  • The Naked Brunch by William Pauley III & Zachary T. Owen (Doom Fiction)
  • Not Seeing Is A Flower by Erhu Kome (Eraserhead Press)
  • Nunchuck City by Brian Asman (Mutated Media)
  • One Tough Bastard by Adam Howe (independently published)
  • A Puppet Scorned by Jamie Kort (independently published)
  • The Run Fantastic by Luke Kondor (Bizarro Pulp Press)
  • Queen of Teeth by Haley Piper (Strangehouse Books)
  • She Who Rules the Dead by Maria Abrams (Weirdpunk Books)
  • She Was Found in a Guitar Case by David James Keaton (Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing)
  • The Shelter by Amy Vaughn (Thick & Vaney Books)
  • The Shocking Adventures of Jewish Lightning #1 The San Francisco Snatch by Kitty Knish (Deep Desires Press)
  • Snailbutter by Ben Fitts (Hybrid Sequence Media)
  • Snap! Crackle! Fuck You! by Simon Ore Molina (Eraserhead Press)
  • Suburban Gothic by Brian Keene and Bryan Smith (Deadite Press)
  • That Ultimo Sumbitch by David W. Barbee (Clone Warrior)
  • Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke by Eric LaRocca (Weirdpunk Books)
  • Things Were Easier Before You Became a Giant Fucking Mantis by Matthew A. Clarke (Independently Published)
  • To Offer Her Pleasure by Ali Seay (Weirdpunk Books)
  • Transmuted (Rewind or Die)  by Eve Harms (Unnerving)
  • Waterfall Girls by Kimberly White (Clash Books)
  • You Will Be Consumed by Nik Robinson (Madness Heart Press)
  • Zero by Al Schnupp (Thick & Vaney Books)
  • Zoltergeist the Poltergeist by Douglas Hackle (independently published)


  • Bodies Wrapped in Plastic and Other Items of Interest by Andersen Prunty (Grindhouse Press)
  • Chicken Lust by Justin Hunter (Hybrid Sequence Media)
  • Don’t Push the Button by John Skipp (Clash Books)
  • Fables of the Deconstruction by Damian Dressick (Clash Books)
  • In That Endlessness, Our End by Gemma Files (Grimscribe Press)
  • Lost Letters to a Lover’s Carcass by Ronald J. Murray (Bizarro Pulp Press)
  • The Next Time You See Me I’ll Probably Be Dead by C.V. Hunt (Grindhouse Press)
  • Pieces of Bones and Rags by Michael C Keith (Thick & Vaney Books)
  • Red Herrings: Mirth, Murder & Martinis by Bing Smith (independently published)
  • The Secret Diary of a SoundCloud Rapper by Young Stepdad (11:11 Press)
  • The Sharp End of the Rainbow by Madeleine Swann (Heads Dance Press)
  • Widow Of The Amputation And Other Weird Crimes by Robert Guffey (Eraserhead Press)

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