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It’s hard not to admire Amy Vaughn’s drive. She exploded onto the bizarro scene from out of nowhere and that was just one of the six million items on her to-do list this morning. And when she’s not storming the business world with company take-overs and circumnavigating the globe with nothing but a pair of ski’s, she’s also hitting writer’s block where it hurts — right in the prompts!

I’ve not known her for long but I can already tell she’s going to go far. 


So before she evolves to a higher-dimensional being (also on her to-do list), let’s see if we can assimilate some of her hustle.

Assimilation procedure… begin.

WHO Amy M. Vaughn 

WHAT –  Human?

The evolution process is already begun, it seems. 

WHERE – Tucson, the only sane place in Arizona

NOTABLE WORK – Skull Nuggets, for now . . .  Soon it will be Dog Doors to Outer Space: A Compilation of Bizarro Writing Prompts. (Submissions are open until 10 November 2019, hint, hint.)

WHAT DO YOU WRITE WITH – Rough drafts: wild abandon and blue Bic pens. Further drafts: anal retentiveness and Word.



WHAT WAS YOUR INTRODUCTION TO BIZARRO – Fuckness by Andersen Prunty. I stumbled upon it. Then, when I was trying to be cool and show a friend this weird new author I’d found, he was all, “Duh, that’s bizarro. Check out this Magazine of Bizarro Fiction.” 

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE BIZARRO-ADJACENT MOVIE OR BOOK – If I can only choose one (so cruel), I’ll go with Rant: The Oral Biography of Buster Casey by Chuck Palahniuk.  

HOW DO YOU RECHARGE – Movies, especially horror comedies, and playing fetch with my dog. Wait, I meant to say spending time with my beloved family. (Whew, that was a close one.)

WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS – S.T. Cartledge or Katy Michelle Quinn would be cool. Betty Rocksteady, Gina Ranalli, Kirk Jones. I just want pictures of everybody’s desks. Let me see inside your homes! 

In the end, it turned out she didn’t need to see pictures of our homes. As she finished up this last question, Amy exploded into a being made of pure light and is now able to see any and all our homes with a single thought, and is also able to speak to dogs, and understand progressive jazz music.

All we can do now is bow down and pray to her, hoping that in her godly state, she will spare us.

Please. Spare us!

Pray to Amy’s blog. Pray to Amy’s books. Pray to Amy’s Twitter.

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