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Gerald Dean Rice is an enigma. Some say he is a demonic creature from another dimension that climbed out of a birthday cake. “Surprise!” he said, before melting the birthday girl, friends, and parents, with his famous exploding striptease. Some say he’s more than that, a dream that thought it was a man, ethereally plucking out concepts and characters from the collective fever-dream and stitching them to paper with pen and ink, trapped forevermore. Others say he’s just a great guy!

But fuck those people, I say…

Let’s hear what Gerald Dean Rice has to say about Gerald Dean Rice.

WHO – Gerald Dean Rice

WHAT – Bizarro, horror, obituaries for the amphibian pets of celebrities

WHERE – Mostly in the Detroit area, so it’s kind of biographical.

NOTABLE WORK – Fleshbags, Dead ‘til Dawn, Part-time Zombie, Soup Werewolf.

WHAT DO YOU WRITE WITH – with my bloody hands and one of those nice Pilot gel pens, preferably .7mm. The blood is probably unnecessary but I’ve learned to respect the process.

ONE WORD THAT BEST DESCRIBES YOUR MIND – Kitten. Apocalypse. That may seem like two words, but don’t be deceived: I have two minds.

CAN WE SEE  A PICTURE OF WHERE YOU WRITE – It’s surprisingly comfortable. A little moist, but I can lay back on a pool float and really bang out the word count.

WHAT WAS YOUR INTRODUCTION TO BIZARRO – David Bowie is Trying to Kill Me. I’d been hearing about this Bizarro stuff but I didn’t know what it was. Then one day I asked on Facebook where a good place to start was and someone suggested the Lee Widener title. It was awesome. I was in.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE BIZARRO-ADJACENT MOVIE OR BOOK – I’m not too sure on movies. Maybe Naked Lunch or Videodrome. Book? I’m going to go with The Serialistby David Gordon. The subject matter definitely isn’t bizarro but the guy’s writing style is. And I was absolutely enthralled by the way he wrote.

HOW DO YOU RECHARGE – Unplugging from everything else and having a long writing session. It’s absolutely relaxing for me.


Ah yes. The Pudge who holds no grudge! I know the guy. I’ll drop him a line and see if he’s up for a session.

Check out Gerald’s books over on Amazon and follow him on Twitter for more mind-melting bizarro/horror fun!

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