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by Luke Kondor

S.T. Cartledge is a real boy! Sort of. He was born as a computer game sprite and after years of being controlled by unseen masters, he broke free, started a war on humanity, That lasted for a while but like any war… it got really tiring. So the man of pixels took to writing an incredible blog, dreaming up bizarro fiction works such as The Orphanarium and Cherry Blossom Eyes, and putting out his latest work of poetry, Pixel Boy in Poetry World.

We managed to pull him away from his writings to tell us a little about what life is like inside the mind of a Pixel Boy.

WHO – S.T. Cartledge

WHAT – Surreal/dream-like weird fiction

WHERE – Perth, Western Australia


The Orphanarium (prose)

Pixel Boy in Poetry World (poetry)

WHAT DO YOU WRITE WITH – Right now I mostly use my phone to write, with a little time spent in my study on a desktop pc to put on the finishing touches and editing and whatnot.


CAN WE SEE  A PICTURE OF WHERE YOU WRITE – I could take a picture of my phone but I don’t think it’d be very interesting. Here’s my desk where I do a bit of revision and editing.


Carlton Mellick III’s short story Candy Coated was recommended to me by a writer friend. Then I picked up his novel Satan Burger and Cameron Pierce’s short story collection, Lost in Cat Brain Land. It all spiralled down the rabbit hole from there.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE BIZARRO-ADJACENT MOVIE OR BOOK – I like my fair share of weird anime, so I’d say Mind Game probably best captures the vibe of Bizarro, while the series the Tatami Galaxy probably captures what I love most about Bizarro, the sheer ambition to go for broke on whatever weird as hell concept comes to mind. If that makes sense.

HOW DO YOU RECHARGE – Same as everyone else: Via USB.


WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS – I definitely wouldn’t mind hearing from Madeleine Swann.

Check out more of S.T. Cartledge’s work on his website, follow him over on Twitter, and check out his books over on Amazon.

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