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From the editors of Lost Signals comes the new volume in technological horror. Nineteen authors, both respected and new to the genre, team up to deliver a collection of terrifying, eclectic stories guaranteed to unsettle its readers. In Lost Films, a deranged group of lunatics hold an annual film festival, the lost series finale of The Simpsons corrupts a young boy’s sanity, and a VCR threatens to destroy reality.

All of that and much more, with fiction from Brian Evenson, Gemma Files, Kelby Losack, Bob Pastorella, Brian Asman, Leigh Harlen, Dustin Katz, Andrew Novak, Betty Rocksteady, John C. Foster, Ashlee Scheuerman, Eugenia Triantafyllou, Kev Harrison, Thomas Joyce, Jessica McHugh, Kristi DeMeester, Izzy Lee, Chad Stroup, and David James Keaton. Edited by Max Booth III and Lori Michelle with cover art by George Cotronis.

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Lost Films from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing

“[…] rich in imagination […] this anthology features all manner of descents into madness, horror, and mayhem, aided by the largely inhuman hand of technology. [A] melting pot of horror.”

–Publishers Weekly

“Easily one of the strongest horror anthologies of the year.”

–Signal Horizon

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