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Lee Widener is an artist who’s weird, and now he’s asking you, The Internet, to help him continue making weird art. Here’s the pitch:

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Lee Widener

I have gotten a lot of good feedback on my weird cartoons and artwork over the years and recently decided to offer my artwork on a variety of products: mugs, shirts, note cards, art prints, and many other items.

My problem is when I enlarge the artwork for reproduction the images look terrible. They were all originally drawn on porous paper with markers, and the colors tended to bleed and mix together resulting in a muddy and sloppy looking images. I need to redo all the artwork, which is no problem, but to get the cleanest, highest quality images I want to work digitally, and for that I need some equipment.

The funds I raise will be used to buy a Wacom Art Drawing Tablet, a simple scanner, and a registered copy of Corel Artist Essentials 5, as well as postage for rewards to the wonderful people who donate to this fundraiser.

To be able to offer my artwork to the world in the best possible versions will be an artistic dream come true. I will be able to make my visions look better than they ever have before, and show the world my bizarre universe as it’s meant to be! Your support will be invaluable!

When the shop opens it will feature my Welcome to Weirdsville Cartoons, Psychedelic Nightmares series, Cosmic Collage art, and a brand new series of digital art yet to be revealed!

If you are amused by my silly artwork please consider helping me take my art to the next level! I’d love to be able to open this shop in time for the holiday season 2017, so donate today! You don’t have to choose one of the rewards- any amount helps!

Thank you all, and please share on social media to spread the word!

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