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“I’ve had a wonderful time, really the best. Do you want to come inside? It’s still early. I’d love to tell you a story. But first, let me take off my face…” Now That We’re Alone 11 short stories from Nicholas Day, celebrating the weird, wicked, and wonderful monsters hiding in the dark, hiding behind their human masks. Get it HERE

“Hell is real. And it’s coming this way…” This isn’t the first time Dave’s been dropped into the kill zone, where Hell and Earth meet. Again and again, he’s crashed down into the ground like an angry comet, clad in his living armor, with his shotgun, Bielebog, primed and ready. Time and again, Dave’s waded knee-deep through the dead, riding on the adrenaline wave, halfway baked out of his mind. Except, Dave’s had enough. He’s died, fought and rampaged one too many times. He’s gotten sick and tired of being a berserker. This time, Dave knows, will be the last time. HERE WE GO AGAIN… Get it HERE

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