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by Gabino Iglesias

When people say “my favorite time of the year,” I always think about BizarroCon. When it comes to fun, inspiration, friendship, learning, performances, booze, and love, nothing compares to that second week in November where weirdos from all over the world get together in Portland to ensure that bizarro literature and art keep taking over the world. In any case, now that November is almost here (and yes, I’m counting down the days to BizarroCon), I thought it’d be cool to revisit my favorite images from the past four years and share them with you. I’m a photographer, so I usually come home with about 500 pics from the con. These are not the best shots, just the ones that, for some reason, are closer to my heart or remind of some of the best moments from that year.


This was the year of flying noodles and meeting Gutmouth for the first time. Also, with Shane McKenzie, Robert Devereaux, Carlton Mellick III, and Brian Keene around, to name a few, it was the year many folks realized that bizarro and horror walked hand in hand and, when together, couldn’t be beat.

BizarroCon_FamilyAlbum - 2012-Shane-McKenzie-Carlton-Mellick-III
BizarroCon_FamilyAlbum - 2012-Brian-Keene-Laura-Lee-Bahr
BizarroCon_FamilyAlbum - 2012-Jeff-Burk-Gabino-Iglesias
BizarroCon_FamilyAlbum - 2012-Shane-McKenzie


This was the year that I kissed Steve Lowe, hung out with Rios de la Luz and J David Osborne, got some advice from Stephen Graham Jones, and watched Karl Fisher, Jeremy Robert Johnson, and Bix Skahill make out. I also realized that bizarros are some of the prettiest people in the world.

BizarroCon_FamilyAlbum - 2013-Rios-de-la-Luz-J-David-Osborne
BizarroCon_FamilyAlbum - 2013-Jeremy-Robert-Johnson-Karl-Fischer-Bix-Skahill
BizarroCon_FamilyAlbum - 2013-Stephen-Graham-Jones-Gabino-Iglesias-Scott-Cole-Adam-Cesare
BizarroCon_FamilyAlbum - 2013-Steve-Lowe-Gabino-Iglesias
BizarroCon_FamilyAlbum - 2013-Laura-Lee-Bahr-Constance-Ann-Fitzgerald-Rios-de-la-Luz-Kirsten-Alene-Tiffany-Scandal-Michael-Allen-Rose


This was the year Brian Allen Carr did a reading that changed the way I read in public forever. Also, Violet LeVoit celebrating was awesome, and so jamming with Andrew Goldfarb, Michael Allen Rose, and John Skipp while Sauda Namir danced.

BizarroCon_FamilyAlbum - 2014-Brian-Allen-Carr-Reading
BizarroCon_FamilyAlbum - 2014-Michael-Allen-Rose-Rose-OKeefe
BizarroCon_FamilyAlbum - 2014-Violet-Levoit-Rose-OKeefe
BizarroCon_FamilyAlbum - 2014-John-Skipp-Andrew-Goldfarb


This was the year the Bizarro Showdown broke down any remaining barriers of creativity, craziness, hilarity, and good taste. It was also another great year for Malort. I finally got to hang out with CV Hunt and Andersen Prunty, look up Christoph Paul’s skirt, and watched meu irmao Pedrinho Proenca work his weird magic on a crowd. Oh, and we all learned that electric shocks don’t affect Kevin Donihe.

BizarroCon_FamilyAlbum - 2015-Andersen-Prunty-Gabino-Iglesias-CV-Hunt
BizarroCon_FamilyAlbum - 2015-Mandy-De-Sandra
BizarroCon_FamilyAlbum - 2015-Pedro-Proenca
BizarroCon_FamilyAlbum - 2015-Sauda-Namir-Kevin-L-Donihe
BizarroCon_FamilyAlbum - 2015-Michael-Kazepis-Karl-Fischer-Gabino-Iglesias-Michael-Allen-Rose


This is the year…that’s coming up. I’m fucking excited. See you there, sweet things!

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