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by Tracy Vanity

3 Days Until Halloween!

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Did you know that in the film, The Exorcist, the entire set of the MacNeil residence caught on fire except for Reagan’s room? A priest was brought in several times to bless the set but weird shit kept happening. Linda Blair’s harness kept breaking so she really was injured as she was pretending to be possessed by the devil. 9 people connection to the film died.

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“Rosemary’s Baby” (1968). The horror classic was considered cursed by its producer, William Castle — who had to yield the coveted directing job to a young Roman Polanski. Lead Mia Farrow, a vegetarian, had to put up with eating liver through the shoot, and to add insult to injury, reportedly got her divorce papers from then-hubby Frank Sinatra halfway through the film. A film composer died of a blood clot, similar to another character’s fate in the movie. Castle later almost died from uremic poisoning. The far greater horror, of course, was the slaughter of Polanski’s family and guests by Charles Manson’s cult — who were actually after the home’s former owner, music producer Terry Melcher. Source

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The laundry list of misfortunes to befall the cast and crew of “The Omen,” Richard Donner’s classic chiller concerning a preschool-aged hellion with a distinctive birthmark on his scalp, is both creepy and considerable. And like the plagued production of “The Exorcist,” “The Curse of the Omen” (also the name of a 2005 British documentary film on the topic) has left many superstitious folk wondering if Old Scratch himself had something to do with it.Just a few of incidents revolving around the famously jinxed production: On three separate occasions, star Gregory Peck, executive producer Mace Neufeld and scriptwriter David Seltzer were all aboard planes that were struck or almost struck by lightning; another plane that the crew planned to use for aerial filming but was chartered last minute to another client crashed, killing everyone onboard; Donner’s hotel was bombed by the IRA during filming; the day after the film’s safari park scene was filmed, an animal handler was mauled by a lion while animal handlers involved in the cemetery scene were attacked by dogs; Peck’s son committed suicide several weeks before filming commenced; and several crew members were involved in a head-on car accident during the first day of filming.The most unsettling incident associated with “The Omen,” however, came several months after the shoot had wrapped and the film had premiered to critical and commercial acclaim. While working on the film “A Bridge Too Far” in the Netherlands, Special Effects Director John Richardson and his assistant, Liz Moore, were involved in a serious car accident. While Richardson survived, Moore was decapitated. Tragic for sure, but also incredibly creepy – or insanely coincidental – as Richardson was responsible for one of more gruesome scenes in “The Omen” in which David Warner’s character is beheaded by a sheet of glass. And as legend has it, at the scene of the accident was a road marker reading: “Ommen: 66.6 km.” While that tidbit is just a touch hard to believe, the accident was indeed verified as having occurred on a Friday the 13th, 1976. Source

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Do you know what you want done with your corpse when you die? As the last post showed, you can become a blinged out skeleton. You can also get shot up into the stratosphere, have a viking funeral, become a precious stonea tree, or have monks break your body a part in a Buddhist ritual and feed you to the vultures.

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The Tibetan Sky Burial is my ideal way to have my body disposed of. Since there is a lot of political unrest in Tibet, getting my dead body there wouldn’t be ethical so I’d have to have the Sky Burial recreated somewhere else with other animals eating me. I could also just be left to rot by a tree in Bali. There are many options for your corpse.

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