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by Tracy Vanity
Halloween-Countdown - Halloween-2014-09-29-01

It’s that magical time of year again! And yes, Halloween is still awesome. Just like this Japanese zombie Lolita metal music video:

This is the time to fully appreciate the wonders of horror Happy Meal art and zombie Chia Pets no matter how fucking old we are!

Halloween-Countdown - Halloween-2014-09-29-02

To get you lubed up for the most fucking awesome holiday ever, here is the latest Cyriak short.

Enjoy these haunting gifs were created by Kevin Weir for his project, The Flux Machine.

Halloween-Countdown - Halloween-2014-09-29-03
Halloween-Countdown - Halloween-2014-09-29-04
Halloween-Countdown - Halloween-2014-09-29-05

Until next time Bizarros. Please feel free to post your favorite horror films, songs, art, and pictures of any cool Halloween stuff you see in your neck of the woods.

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