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The Slow Poisoner releases… Swamp Fist!

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The Slow Poisoner, that one-man surrealistic rock and roll band, has released his latest album: SWAMP FIST! Individual tracks and the entire album can be purchased here. If you’ve ever heard The Slow Poisoner’s music or seen him play live, you know that this album is chock full of auditory […]

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Unearthly Sounds Volume 7: Seven Deadly Questions with The Slow Poisoner

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by J.W. Wargo “The Slow Poisoner (alias Andrew Goldfarb) is a one-man surrealistic rock and roll band who hails from San Francisco and has been playing the devil’s music to audiences across America since 1996.” –The Slow Poisoner Website I’ve had a fondness for multi-instrumentalists and one-man bands most of […]