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How I Weird: Andrew James Stone

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So I found out the other day that Andrew J. Stone teaches bizarro fiction. Like, in a real school, to a living class, of actual breathing students, with impressionable minds.  While we’re all sat at home in our soiled underwear, guzzling beer bongs and endlessly scrolling through Twitter, he’s out […]

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Review: All Hail The House Gods

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If dystopian fiction holds a magnifying glass to trends and aspects of the present day, increasing their prominence horrifically, then what about a bizarro dystopia? It presses a distorted glass against our fears, holding it so close that the details twist and mutate, making us not entirely sure what to […]

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New Release: All Hail The House Gods

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“A joy-ride of a read, Stone has created a compelling morality tale that’s moral lies somewhere in tomorrow’s déjà vu. Funny, sad, stunning in its imaginative realization, Andrew J. Stone’s new novel is as topical, timely, and telling as a Freudian slip.” —Laura Lee Bahr, author of Haunt and Angel […]