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Follow Eber and his son Peleg as they help an angel named Zephon recover two missing angels who have been captured by the tyrannical King Nimrod. On their journey to the Tower, they confront Mesopotamian mechas, including Inanna, goddess of war and love, and Nergal, god of the underworld.

Now a new god named Marduk is about to awaken and become the head of the pantheon. However, Abdi, a janitor at the Tower, stumbles into a mess of epic proportions and is selected to be Marduk’s “Heart.” The janitor must learn how to fight in order to defend humanity from the impending angel attack.

Can Eber and his son help save the missing angels? After a lifetime of scrubbing, does Abdi have what it takes to win the battle? And will King Nimrod’s hubris bring humanity to ruins? Find out in THE GIANT ROBOTS OF BABEL!

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The Giant Robots of Babel by Maxwell Bauman

A fun and very creative read! Maxwell has done a mash-up I world never have considered possible but he totally made it work! Great job and looking forward to checking out his other work!

–Matt Henshaw

Maxwell Bauman is owner and Editor-in-Chief of Door Is A Jar literary magazine. He is a contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul. He writes across a range of genres including humor, horror, and YA. You can follow Maxwell on Twitter @maxwellbauman or visit his website

Pick up your copy from Aggadah Try It (an imprint of Madness Heart Press) or Amazon.

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