Book-Headers - Header Young Stepdad The Secret Diary of a SoundCloud Rapper

Sex. Death. Depression. Ghosts. Teeth. Love. Hate. Youth. Family. Drugs. Art. Culture. Memories. Fantasies.

Now let it burn.

Book-Covers - Cover Young Stepdad The Secret Diary of a Soundcloud Rapper

The reason Young Stepdad is your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper is because he’s the fucking realest. Honest, bittersweet, fucked-up, fucking funny, pilled-up, lonely, loving, bent at all the wrong angles…real. This is his journal, but if you’re honest with yourself then it’s yours too. – Jeremy Robert Johnson, author of Entropy in Bloom

Young Stepdad has finally done it: They captured the pulse of the internet in all its absurdity. This book reads like lyrics scraped from Soundcloud, remixed while dosed on pills, and scrawled out in a panic. THE SECRET DIARY OF A SOUNDCLOUD RAPPER is brutally honest, brutally funny… it’s just plain brutal. – Michael J. Seidlinger, author of RUNAWAYS: A WRITER’S DILEMMA

The Secret Diary of a Soundcloud Rapper reads with the ugly-beautiful intimacy of a 3am exchange between strangers on the last bus home. It’s hilarious, disgusting, beautiful, bittersweet, nostalgic, and secretly tender. A Portrait of complex modern masculinity. Unabashedly presenting the tension between wanting to break things and to love things – wanting to be broken and wanting to be loved. It’s the most honest conversation I have been privy to in a long time. I hope I get to ride the bus home with this stranger again, soon. – Jinnwoo, author of Little Hollywood

Young Stepdad packs more realness onto each page than the entire social media feed of 1000 thirsty influencers. Rarely do we get such unrestricted access to so fascinating a mind. The Secret Diary of A Soundcloud Rapper is the shit! – Joshua Chaplinsky, author of The Paradox Twins and Kanye West – Reanimator

Thought-provoking, dark, funny, and compulsively entertaining, The Secret Diary of a Soundcloud Rapper doesn’t just walk a fine line between brilliance and idiocy, it plunges headfirst into both with unabandoned, celebratory glee.- Andersen Prunty, author of Fuckness and Failure As a Way of Life

Cover art by Matthew Revert

Typeset by Mike Corrao

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