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When God said unto the world, ‘Let there be light,’ even he couldn’t have expected the human miracle that is Jon Bassoff to be born into the world. In fact, I have it on good authority that God himself is still rubbing his eyes, blinking repeatedly, amazed at his own work. 

He will go on to try to recreate the magic of Jon Bassoff but will fail, and fail again, until eventually giving up. Realising that his best work is behind him, it is believed that God will destroy us all.

But until then…

Jon Bassoff, everybody!

WHO – Jon Bassoff

WHAT –  A shell of the man I used to be.

WHERE – I was born–and conceived–in a Texaco station restroom out on Highway 66. They still let me fill up for free.  

NOTABLE WORK – Corrosion

WHAT DO YOU WRITE WITH – Franz Kafka’s severed hand. 



WHAT WAS YOUR INTRODUCTION TO BIZARRO – Satan Burger by Carlton Mellick III. More recently, I’m loving myself some Danger Slater.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE BIZARRO-ADJACENT MOVIE OR BOOK – The film Santa Sangre. You haven’t seen that? What’s wrong with you? As far as books: Woman in the Dunes by Kobo Abe. That book killed me. 

HOW DO YOU RECHARGE – A glass of chardonnay and some fresh air on the veranda. Just joking. I don’t really recharge. Instead, I just step further and further into the misery pit that is our world.  

WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS – Cody Goodfellow. Has he already done it? Then Danger Slater. And if he’s done it, Melania Trump. 

We already did Danger, but I am typing a message out to Cody Goodfellow as I type this. That’s right. Two keyboards, my friend. 

Before you go… bask in Jon Bassoff’s holy trinity of links — Website, Twitter, Books



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