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According to a release on the Eraserhead Press website, the following books are going out of print. Be sure to pick up your copy before these paperback editions sell out!

The Mondo Vixen Massacre by Jamie Grefe
Elephant Vice by Chris Meekings
Rainbows Suck by Madeleine Swann
Her Fingers by Tamara Romero
Carnageland by David Barbee
Grambo by Dustin Reade
The Crud Masters by Justin Grimbol
Lepers and Mannequins by Eric Beeny
Avoiding Mortimer by J.W. Wargo
Placenta of Love by Spike Marlowe
Naked Metamorphosis by Eric Mays
The Egg Said Nothing by Caris O’Malley
A Hollow Cube is a Lonely Space by S.D. Foster
Seven Seagulls for a Single Nipple by Troy Chambers
Human Furniture and the Quest for the Perfect Woman by Devora Gray
Lazy Fascist Double #1 Messes of Men/Lemon Heart by Michael J. Seidlinger and Matthew Revert
Sinister Miniatures by Kris Saknussemm
Fall Into Time by Douglas Lain
Wave of Mutilation by Douglas Lain
Metamorphosis Blues by Bruce Taylor
Devil in Kansas by David Ohle
Gil the Nihilist: A Sitcom by Sean Kilpatrick
A Plague of Wolves and Women by Riley Michael Parker
The Kissing Bug by Daniel Scott Buck
Eyeballs growing all over me… again by Tony Rauch
Some Things Are Better Left Unplugged by Vincent W. Sakowski
Misadventures in a Thumbnail Universe by Vincent W. Sakowski
Strangewood Tales edited by Jack Fischer

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