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S.T. Cartledge is a writer and poet from Australia and he’s creating one-shots and chapbooks of his work that YOU can receive when you sign up to be one of his patrons. I’m a fan of Cartledge’s work, personally. He writes weird and whimsical fiction that blends the magical with the disgusting, the heartbreaking with the humorous. Plus, he’s one handsome fella!

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Shane T. Cartledge

I’m S.T. Cartledge. I’m the author of the Orphanarium, Girl in the Glass Planet, Kaiju Canyon, Day of the Milkman, Beautiful Madness (poetry), amongst others. I’m a bizarro author and poet based in Perth, Western Australia.

I’ve started this Patreon because I’ve got nothing to lose from it and so much to gain. The primary gain would be in the capacity to dig right into my DIY poetry roots and create some truly unique work that will take you to strange and magical places far beyond the realm of your own imaginations.

Writing, to me, is a place to strip away all generic and real-world concepts and to capture something beautiful using words alone. I occasionally perform poetry at various local spoken word events, and I often take the poems I perform and print them out into what I would call “one shot” poems. A poem which fits on 2-3 A6 pages (a single folded A5 piece of paper) with a simple black-and-white cover.

With funding support through patreon from my fans both old and new, I would be able to share my poems and fiction with you in a variety of formats, in plain text, digital and print one shots, digital and print chapbooks, maybe even video and/or audio, and if I get enough support, professionally published chapbooks and collections.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you decide to support me in my crazy wild poetic adventures. I promise not to disappoint!

Visit for more information and to make your Patronage pledge.

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