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YOU’RE ALONE WHEN YOU’RE IN HELL BECAUSE IT’S EVERYONE ELSE’S HEAVEN. DONNIE DARKO meets AMERICAN GODS in LIVE ON NO EVIL, a spiritual horror novel about aliens, demons, and an extra-dimensional god entity named Sahasa that has come to earth to provide human beings with a third option between heaven and hell. Backpack is an eight-year-old boy who has found his only friend in a mysterious alien entity named Blue. After failing at saving the live-action roleplaying obsessed Forest from murder at the hands of deceptive demons, Backpack must save the notorious ‘Pet Threat’, Spectrum City’s animal serial killer, from a similar fate. In order to complete his induction into the loyalty of Sahasa, Backpack must find the one who will defeat the Library Labyrinth to stop an alien attack that will destroy Spectrum City.

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Live On No Evil by Jeremiah Israel

“When you thought death would be the most horrific outcome, you are proven wrong. Jeremiah Israel’s Live On No Evil, does not disappoint.”

-Allyson Scott

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