by Tracy Vanity
Flash-Fiction-Friday - Twisted-Tuesdays-2014-02-04

Nothing is more soothing and inspiring than a dose of weird animation. Just like with Bizarro fiction, there are things you can do in animation that can be impossible to recreate in real life. Not only are all these shorts bizarre and well-crafted, they also convey ideas without the use of dialogue. Hopefully these are new to you, or if not, they are fun to rewatch. I recommend viewing them in full screen for maximum effect.

Let’s start you off with this short about a voodoo doll who rescues his friends from the fate of all voodoo dolls. It might make you hesitate the next time you pick up that pin…

Why did the red Furby-looking critter cross the road? Another excellent stop-motion animation from Zealous Creative.

The latest tripped-out animation from cyriak involves hallucinogenic chimpanzees.

There is an Alice in Wonderland quality to this last short. Instead of a rabbit hole, the protagonist falls through a surreal 3D hospital in search of beauty.

Are there any short animated movies that you’ve enjoyed recently? Feel free to share them!

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