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by Tracy Vanity

Unfortunately, the story about Gordon Ramsay’s midget porn star double being eaten by badgers was an old hoax but damn that was one hell of a headline!

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Hard Hitting Checkout Lane Journalism

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated you on the weird shit happening around the world so here’s the latest Bizarro news!

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“Just me and my cheese, officer”
Savior or foot fungus? You decide.
Halloween-Countdown - Twisted-Tuesdays-2014-01-28-03
What doesn’t New Zealand have?
Halloween-Countdown - Twisted-Tuesdays-2014-01-28-04
That’s the face of someone thinking, “worth it.”
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Halloween-Countdown - Twisted-Tuesdays-2014-01-28-06
Halloween-Countdown - Twisted-Tuesdays-2014-01-28-07
A little sex ed makes for safer anal adventures. Don’t be a statistic.
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