2017 NOVELS/NOVELLAS4 Rooms in a Semi-detached House by Madeleine Swann (Strangehouse Books)Bad Hotel by Dustin Reade (Rooster Republic Press)The Big Meat by Carlton Mellick III (Eraserhead Press)A Confederacy of Hot Dogs by Christoph Paul (CLASH Books)Deadly Lazer Explodathon by Vince Kramer (Thicke & Vaney Books)Death Metal Epic (Book Two: Goat […]

Wonderland Book Award Preliminary Voting Begins Now!

Voting for the Wonderland Book Award preliminary ballot begins now for the Best Bizarro Novel and Best Bizarro Collection of 2015. Please send your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place votes in the Novel and Collection categories to with the subject line “Wonderland Book Award Preliminary Ballot.” Preliminary voting ends […]