Flash-Fiction-Friday - FF-Talk-Nice-to-Me

Flash Fiction Friday: Talk Nice to Me

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by Eric LaRocca The soles of his custom-made patent leather Oxfords click anxiously on the tiled floor of the doctor’s exam room. Jonathan McCoy can scarcely contain his delight. His hand rests on his wife’s thigh as he sits beside her, rubbing her leg, his fingers occasionally harassing the hem […]

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Show Me Your Shelves: Jessica McHugh

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by Gabino Iglesias I can’t remember when I “met” Jessica McHugh online, but her good attitude, constant hustle, and sense of humor made her one of those folks I like keeping in touch with despite the fact that we’ve never shared a beer. In a nutshell, Jessica’s one of those cool writers […]

Flash-Fiction-Friday - FF-Inflate

Flash Fiction Friday: Inflate

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by Frank J. Edler To dream that you are inflating something represents intellect, awareness, knowledge and a higher power. Alternatively, it may symbolize your inflated ego or inflated sense of self. The yogi cradled my lifeless vessel in his arms. He was gentle and caring like a guardian; tender and […]

Flash-Fiction-Friday - FF-I-Lost-My-Keys-and-Got-Crabs

Flash Fiction Friday: I Lost My Keys and Got Crabs

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by John Wayne Comunale I lost my keys after I slept in a bed cursed by an Inuit witch doctor and woke up with what looked like giant snow-crabs dangling from my balls. I figured the reason I got snow-crabs was because my dazzlingly white pubes sparkled like the light […]

Flash-Fiction-Friday - FF-Loving-Hands-of-Professionals

Flash Fiction Friday: Loving Hands of Professionals

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by Julia Long There was a little it inside of Shem’s chest cavity.A pine cone, in his chest cavity.A disgusting little pine cone.The little chest pine cone was made of nubile naked skin.The little skin pine cone in Shem’s heart caught hellfire.It. Shem was taking a creepy bath. A lot […]

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Why The Human Centipede 3 Might Be Smarter and More Interesting Than the Book You’re Writing and What You Can Do About It

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by Garrett Cook A lot of people told me it would be a bad idea to write a blog post using The Human Centipede 3 to dispense writing advice. So I sewed them together. It’s clearly something that’s done nowadays. Sewing human beings together anus to mouth? Pretty commonplace. Nobody told me […]